About Razanah

Here’s a story about a regular Kenyan girl who became a fashion entrepreneur. Razanah, started as a small idea conceived during the 2020 pandemic, by Nasimah Rashid. While in University, Nasimah started a women's clothing brand called Reina, which ran for about 3 years before shutting it down, to focus on her career in the corporate world. 4 years down her career path, her incessant daydreaming about all things fashion prompted her to start channeling her inspiration and passion into building another fashion brand - Razanah.  Soon, she built a steady following on social media, and made a few sales which motivated her to quit her job and focus on Razanah full-timeRemarkably, Razanah has made great strides and this is only the beginning. 


Why the name Razanah?

Fashion has always been more than just clothing. It symbols empowerment.This was the motivation behind the brand name - Razanah, meaning: 'A composed woman full of dignity and self-confidence' in Arabic.  Razanah is a series of juxtapositions; mysterious yet calm, sleek yet sophisticated, subdued yet powerful. ‘Razanah is bold, sophisticated, staple and statement, just how we like our clothes’.


What is our Mission?

Our mission is to inspire people globally to be ambitious, confident &unstoppable, dressed in Razanah. We take pride in our carefully selected pieces to cater to all skin types, body shapes, heights and stye to amplify your inner composure and self-confidence. Everybody deserves to look and feel beautiful.